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It's all about karma


It's all about karma

Problems? More like inconveniences really. Busy right up to our departure, leaving late, forgetting bits and pieces.

Well, this morning we're camped at 42-mile Crossing, The Coorong, South Australia. A young couple approach after our breakfast of muesli, fruit toast and coffee.

Rani and Rasheed are French born, with family from the south of India. They are driving a clapped-out camper they've bought in Perth. The inside lights have been left on, the battery now flat. Rani looks sheepish. "Would you have jumper leads?"

We shuffle the truck alongside their van, happy to help out, connecting the leads and wait till their engine kicks in.

They talk a little, of their life in France and leaving their jobs to come to Australia on a 12-month visa, wondering what their family would think of their "reckless abandon".

We wish them well, and hope they enjoy their time in our favourite city/home - Melbourne - when they finally reach there.

But now we are running late, losing time we can ill afford, our Kangaroo Island ferry connection booked for 1pm.

Funny though, after our good deed, we seem blessed with a change in our luck.

We are 10min from the listed ferry departure time, with a 30min check-in period recommended. The phone rings. "You're how far away? 10min? No problem, come on down."

We are waved past the wharf barricade, backing the truck onboard - the barricade closed, the bow raised and shut.

Once on Kangaroo Island, we head for Pennington Bay to be greeted by a private show, over 30-dolphins surfing turquoise waves.

Then it's on to our camp for the night, us alone among rolling hills, by a secluded river outlet and beach called Western River Cove... and a magnificent Indian evening meal of 'Southern Pepper Curry' served with a glass of selected red from a well-travelled wine cask.