It's been tricky, but after having the windscreen cracked in 3-places, and the driver's window shattered - all within minutes - we've just managed to get the lot fixed in Longreach, Queensland one week later.

Tricky? Because our options from Birdsville - having mobile reception and from where we booked the repairs - were either Outback Mount Isa 700km north, or Outback Longreach 900km to the east. 

Mmmm... oh well, what's a few hundred extra kms between friends when on the road for 4-months and travelling over 20,000km on roads and tracks of assorted ilks? Interestingly though, it does seem to have been the sealed roads that are more if a problem - with the added factors of excessive speed and oncoming caravans - a spray of loose bluemetal often flicked up and catapulted in our general direction.

But it is especially disappointing to be hit with yet another stone, with another cracked windscreen today, only 1-day after the first lot of work was finished. Oh well... just another 'inconvenience', as long as it doesn't stop our travels.