We are in Brisbane for 2-nights... with the luxury of a hot shower, free WiFi that really works, and cocktails at the iconic Storey Bridge Hotel beneath the equally iconic Brisbane bridge of the same name.

There are some tweaks to the truck needed - the engine malfunction light having ominously appeared... again... a repeat offender from months ago, and something we really need to finally nail. Toyota now tell us the problem lay with after-factory-fitted cruise control and simply disconnect the culprit. So it seems we are temporarily without a cruise control. Mmmm... the saga continues... and we shall try another tack on that one. Oh, and there is also the matter of a smallish melanoma to be removed.

So here we are - on our last balmy Brisbane night - the above dealt with... for the moment, and we ponder our next move. But let's be brutally honest here... we do seem to have trouble travelling in straight lines, and have just spotted another distraction in a Brisbane magazine. It seems there's impressive street art in the Queensland city of Toowoomba, Australia's 2nd biggest inland city after Canberra. 

Yes, we are still headed up the coast to Townsville and beyond... but... in the meantime we move on once again, to enjoy the optimism of Toowoomba - a forward-thinking city with big plans - great Turkish food and some stunning street art.