Tomorrow looks like departure day, a day later than first planned but nevermind.

We have our recovery gear, 2-jacks not one, and a good compressor.., Max Traxx, jacking plate, and all that's needed to get us out if stuck. But what about tools? Well, I'm no mechanic... but it would be crazy not to give the subject some thought. And I'm thinking a good start would be the Toyota Manual, a metric socket/spanner set, (I'm told there are no imperial bolts on the LandCruiser), some pliers and multi grips, screw drivers, Allen keys and shifters. And what about some fix-all duct tape, some cable ties and a small roll of fencing wire... some Araldite, oh... and a hammer.

And there's that age old chestnut - with lots of tips about - spare parts versus space. I know that some carry extra coolant and engine oil, wheel bearings, a soldering iron, spare radiator hoses and fan belts - even spare fuel and water? Well, we already have 2-90L diesel and a 70L water tank, so that's good. And a fire extinguisher.

But I'm thinking this truck is pretty much new... and I'm hoping in good nick - low kms and having done not much work. Anyway, where the hell would more stuff actually go? Mmmm... but I suppose some spare fuses are a good idea.There is the obligatory jacking plate, tyre tools and 2-spare wheels. We have heavy-duty jumper leads, recovery shackles and straps, an axe and long-handled shovel, with a wheelbag for wood and bits and pieces hanging off the back. Mmmm... space really is tight in this truck of ours.