Today has to be the day. Already late, and still the real packing to do... clothes for all seasons except snow, chairs and a small table, some fishing and BBQ gear.

And then there's the food, and sort-of food - a fridge full of long life orange, a smidge of milk, meat, some fruit and veg, beer, wine, eggs, cheese and chocolate.

The drawers are packed with pasta, with cans of fish, curries, corn and beans. There's containers of fruit, of mushrooms and muesli.

So, we really are finally off, although already 7pm, fish and chips on the run, and with one false start - to pick up our forgotten jackets as it happens. Yes, we do have a list, but sometimes you can get a little tired an emotional... and sometimes - after talking about it for so long - it really is just finally time to go.