We're sitting here on the Sealink ferry, our truck 1600km further along from when we started - the Melbourne to Kangaroo Island leg, signed, sealed and delivered.

Favourites? Well, just setting off was a big one... the roaring endless seas of The Great Ocean Road, those wild ragged cliffs and the ghosts of travellers past... the beautiful desolation of The Coorong, the dazzling white sand and the smell of baking salt on a welcome sea breeze, the crashing waves of southern seas that ebb and flow just over the dunes, the soaring pelicans, and early evening visitations from families of flashing electric-blue wrens that magically appear from surrounding scrub to chirp and dance on impossibly thin matchstick legs... the crystal-clear depths of Piccaninnie Ponds, the tunnels and caves that lie below... the quiet isolation of Kangaroo Island, its dusty dirt roads, its hidden sapphire coves that gleam in the sun and play host to bottle nose dolphins that hurtle, jump and spin in waves that roll to finally shed champagne bubbles on sandy shores.

And having the time, the inclination and luck to absorb it all.