Will a modest amount of good luck and basic black magic be enough to find our way? Mmmm... maybe not.

I'm at my desk PC starting to plot 'must sees' with the help of newly purchased Hema digital maps and OziExplorer software. And it's obvious this trip won't be as simple as a circle; more like `Oz-all-over'.

I scratch my whiskered chin and shuffle Harry the cat to one side, giving me a better command of the keyboard. Mmmm... we've certainly got a truck that will do the job - the Toyota Troopy of course - but with so many places to go, how the Hell do we actually find our way? I suppose now's the time to start thinking seriously about getting a GPS fitted... yeah... time to move with the times.

Now for an admission here - I'm no IT geek when it comes to the ways of a fast-moving modern world, and in fact it's a miracle I didn't disappear with the dinosaurs. I suppose I've gathered a few bits of info over the years - obtuse snippets, shreds and bibelots, mostly about this and that, while being a master of naught.

The next 3-days I'm lost in a techno haze of Hema Navigators, MotionX, Apple, Bing and Google, iPads, Parrot and Pioneer. But of course, that's just the tip of the iceberg... maybe I need to get out more!

At this stage I'm thinking a single built-in unit with music, reversing camera, Bluetooth and internet. But one thing for sure: the answer really is out there, somewhere. And I soon discover it's definitely not one size fits all... probably a case of horses for courses I reckon. (Thanks to my fellow forum travelers on 4x4EARTH.com for their valued input.)

And the winner is (for the very non-geek me)  - a simple dash inbuilt Alpine INE-W960A with reversing camera, for on-road mainly, some off-road; along with an internet-capable iPad loaded with the Hema 4WD Maps App. Oh... and my trusty notebook/laptop. So... I'll be able to import my initial planning hard work from trusty PC to my notebook - including any Oziexplorer/Hema must-see places and tracks. And THAT will ensure we never get lost. 

Well OK, not so sure about that last bit. Just maybe a dash of luck and magic would not go astray... and I think we'll pack some hard-copy Hema maps. Let's just call that insurance.