No, it's not always about me. This time it's about the truck, and a fast-approaching day - March 2017 - when we finally head off.

Is our truck ready to go? We've added recovery points front and back, driving lights and tacked a twin spare wheel carrier frame on the back. So... almost ready... except for a few creature comforts... like some built-in cupboards and a fridge for example... oh, and a bed.

So, who have we entrusted to complete this final 'tweaking' to our beloved truck?

Well, it has to be someone who knows their stuff... someone like TRAKKA, fitting off-road beasties like ours since the 70s, their low key office and factory nestled in the bush of Mt Kuring-gai.

We browse through a TRAKKA REVIEW.

There'll be holes cut in the side, a new water tank, benches, battery, stove, sink, shower and fridge all added... among other stuff. Oh, and the roof will need to be cut off... mmmm... for the foldaway bed of course... with solar panels propped on top.

So, we take a collective deep breath, drop off the truck for its December `conversion', after driving 900-kms to Trakka, just north of Sydney; then with a tearful goodbye fly home.

Work begins, NOW WELL UNDERWAY, and we await the conversion of our go-anywhere 4×4 truck to a comfortable home away from home.